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October 14, 2018 1:49 am Published by

Tamás András

AFIAP – artist photographer – jury president

Judging this contest is a source of joy to me. Nature is an inexhaustible photo theme and the participants are proving this to us. Year after year.

Kerekes István

EFIAP/diamond3 – artist and nature photographer

The material exhibited year by year at the Milvus Photo Contest is of high quality and would measure up to the expectations at any exhibition in the world in terms of uniqueness, quality and technical execution. The jury has been well-formed over the years and we have created a unique criterion for considering the images and for moving on now and hopefully in the future as well.

Dan Dinu

AFIAP – nature and wildlife photographer

This contest is a must-have for Romanian nature photography. It became a standard and a great source of education, which helped many native photographers to affirm themselves.

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